Some of the things I’ve learnt as a mum of a child with cancer…

1. Life is short – live it up and enjoy every day you have.

The sudden realisation that you have absolutely no control over the path life takes you on is pretty darn scary. Hopefully somewhere in that fear you find the strength to go on for yourself and your child. My children have been on many trips, excursions and learnt stuff I guess many parents are afraid to deal with. They know when things aren’t going well for others… and they are certainly bold enough to ask.

2. How to laugh.

At myself, at situations, at life. I can certainly find the funny side of most things…and fairly darn quickly too. Take me along on a car trip – but you’ll laugh yourself silly. *disclaimer – I’m not known to be politically correct or tactful at all times.

3. There is no such thing as “Can’t”.

I can find my way around most things without thinking too hard. Thinking outside the square will get you a long way! I can baffle anyone with logic and use it to my advantage. Ask the last customer service officer from either my electricity or phone company… or even any of the childcare services I’ve ever used. They know it.

4. How to network.

And how to use that network to the best of everyone’s ability when you can. Sometimes you find out things about friends and aquaintances you never knew… best to keep a mental note of all these items – you never know when you may need them!

5. People are amazing.

Ok, some are pretty downright horrid. But on a whole, most people are genuine and many even WANT to help – if only you ask. So I guess I’ve learnt to ask for help here as well. Finally. *Mum, if you are reading this – yes, I DID learn that one. *


~ by C J on July 31, 2011.

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  1. LOL All so true of you!!

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