A couple of little things…

I bought my almost-six-year-old his first pair of school shoes last week. Yes, we are almost three quarters of the way through the school year but before you condemn me for neglecting to buy them earlier, be aware that one of his ASD traits is familiarity. He has old pairs of sneakers that have been in use for over a year now. He is used to them so he likes them. However they’ve seen better days and need replacing.

I spent $45 on a new pair of quality shoes to last him a few more months at least (the 4 yo will have them after that if he has outgrown them) and he refused, point blank to wear them.

He said they were too low on the ankle. Too new, too black, too high on the sole… you name it, he said it. It was just that he wasn’t USED to them. After chatting about it for half an hour, he finally agreed to wear them when I pointed out that they were same as my running shoes… except black. I had to pick mine up, show him the brand and model number.

Suddenly he was happy to put them on.  He wore them all day without incident and informed me that they were really comfortable.

“Mum, can I have breakfast now?” My tousled blonde four year old asked as he sat up in bed this morning.
” Sorry hon, you can’t today. It’s a hospital day,”
“Oh,” he giggled in response, “I forgot! Silly me!”

He didn’t complain at all.
We found his clothes and dressed him.  Packed his food for after his appointments and talked about the day ahead.
Yes, he was hungry. His appointment was over two and a half hours away with a long drive.

When he gets to the hospital, he is always happy to go in. He lies still for the required 45mins plus and breathes when he is told to.   He laughs, chats and asks when it will be finished.  He is, after all, still a four year old.

Finally, after he is given the okay to get up, he can eat as we leave.  In all he has fasted for nearly 16 hours.

All four of my children are at ease with these tests and the subsequent oncology appointments. They do them twice a year. The younger two have had them ever since they were born.

Another reminder of just how blessed I am.


~ by C J on August 3, 2011.

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  1. Your kids are amazing C. You have educated them so well with “why” all these things are necessary, and it makes them so at ease with everything that they have to do to make sure they stay healthy.

    You’re an awesome Mum xxx

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