What I am attempting to teach my children vs what they’ll probably learn…

1. How to cook a nutritious and fulfilling meal at least twice a day (because I rarely cook breakfast… unless it’s porridge and they do that better than I do already. ).

They will probably learn that cooking is just like playing with playdough…messy and the cleaning up sucks. Big time.

2. Sport is fun… and a healthy way to stay fit!
They will probably learn that roller skating is a fantastic way to freak people out when you jump/hop/knee slide and somersault and cartwheel around the track… and therefore use their skills at every given opportunity to do so! *sigh*

3. Life has rules… LOTS of them. And there are, of course, reasons for those rules!  I’m sure they’ll work out which ones they can get around… now I guess they’ll get that from… their father???

4. It is better to LIVE than merely get through… make an impact. You do only live once.  Should I be surprised if they take up skydiving or bungy jumping then????

5. Standing up for yourself is a right… but sometimes it’s better in the long run, to walk away… I guess if they are ANYTHING like their mother… this one is going to take a while.  I will just have faith they’ll find it out much earlier than I did.


~ by C J on August 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “What I am attempting to teach my children vs what they’ll probably learn…”

  1. Love it C 😉

  2. not sure, I’m still struggling with walking away… maybe I’ll get it before I’m 90!

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