The things that come up in conversation…

Dinner time in our household is never a quick affair. Once what IS to be prepared is decided, it gets much easier though. It’s amusing to note some of the statements that come about from the beginning to end of it though…

Tonight’s pearlers (in no particular order) were:


Six year old: SUSHI!! Yeehaa! It’s not dead fish is it Mum?

Nine year old: If it’s not dead, I’m not eating it!

Sixteen year old: Is dinner ready yet? I’m hungry!!!
Four year old: Make your own and be helpful!

Nine year old: Oh I need my skates on.
Four year old: So do I, I can’t eat without them on.

Sixteen year old (rolling his own sushi): This avocado sucks!
Nine year old: That’s impossible… it’s a fruit!

Nine year old: Mum, I can’t do crossovers. Can you teach me?
Four year old: I can show you! *Gets up from seat and walks in a circle crossing his feet* You do it like this… only with skates.

Six year old: Do normal families have sushi for dinner?
Me: I’m not sure on the normal bit… but I’m sure they’d like to!
Six year old *looking wistful*: I sure wish I was normal…


~ by C J on September 5, 2011.

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  1. oh my! What a classic….loved reading this. This is what big family life is all about 😀 Keep them coming!!!

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