Ten reasons I have four children.

1. I had four pregnancies which resulted in four babies. They grew up and thus became children…oh and a teenager…

2. I discovered a need to fine tune certain features on each later model. These have, of course, meant other adjustments were probably required to counteract side issues not previously considered. I guess the “baby”, my four year old son, will one day say he was the perfect specimen since he was the last.

3. I needed the challenge. Ok, so I underestimated just how much of a challenge I needed at times.

4. I was curious how it would be to have at least one teenager constantly for at least 20 years. Well… maybe I didn’t think too hard on that one. This research project could take a while…I’m only three and a half years into it.

5. After their initial trial period expired and they were still settling in effectively, I decided I’d keep them.

6. I often need photography subjects. Four means I can at least catch one when I need to… otherwise I have to look for something else to take snaps of.

7. They are entertaining when interacting… on many many levels! Who needs television or console gaming units with multiple offspring? Not I!

8. Someone needed to be the guinea pigs for my many culinary experimentation sessions. The more mouths available, the more I can experiment. Right?

9. I needed endless washing and housecleaning… so I felt I had purpose when doing my chores.

10. So I had a valid excuse for watching children’s movies…

*Disclaimer: This may or may not be a sarcastic response to consistently being asked why I have four children.


~ by C J on September 10, 2011.

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  1. Love it 😛

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