I keep my word…

I do.. honest!

The teenager reached a milestone yesterday… his first shave.

Finally after months of scant fluff on his chin and upper lip, he took to it with a new razor! Assisted by his mentor (he’d hardly listen to a shaving lesson from his mother now would he???), he learnt how to remove all visible facial hair.
Thankfully, he managed it without nicking himself once! *phew* I don’t do well with blood…

He presented his chin and lip to me Quasimodo style to emphasise his efforts. I was suitably impressed. I’m his mother, I’m supposed to be, right? His face was smooth and handsome again.

As he wandered up the hallway back to his room, he loudly stated, “You can’t put that on Facebook!”

“How do you know I haven’t already???” I replied innocently… it hadn’t crossed my mind at that point – really it hadn’t.

So I didn’t.


~ by C J on September 16, 2011.

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  1. AWWWWW he is so so growed up now!!!

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