This week’s “Random Tasks to Do” List…

1. Send email of concerns to the landlord.  After I remember where I put the other paperwork, containing said issues to be mentioned.  If I have to complain, I may as well be right.  Right?? 

2. Fumigate and disinfect the teenager’s bedroom.  Preferably extract him from the mess before commencing this activities due to safety requirements.  Mine.  Be sure to check every nook for hidden food wrappers.  Usually contraband ones.

3. Book doctors appointment for my four year old male offspring.  General check up, referrals for follow up therapies and reassessment of anaphylaxis triggers before he starts school/prep. Prompt for possible epipen prescription instead of antihistamines.   Remember to scare new teacher half to death with the knowledge she will have a child sensitive to two everyday common foods… that aren’t nuts. Yay us.  Advance apologies to the teacher…

4. Make another batch of lemon butter.  I swear the children inhale the stuff.  Plus a batch of dairy free coconut lemon butter – to cater for a couple of the food intolerances in the house.  I’m still working on an egg free version for the remaining one. Promise I am.

5. Prepare a batch of bread rolls, a loaf of multigrain bread and another few jars of vegie stock for cooking.  There is no grocery shopping required for any of this – the bulk supplies are still holding up well for now. Yay.

6. Find the lounge room floor.  It’s somewhere under baskets of clean but unfolded washing (known locally as the Foldmore Range), numerous Duplo blocks in various stages of construction, scattered N64 game cartridges (often put up by the older children and immediately pulled back down by the younger two…), random toys, multitudes of cushions from the sofa and the occasional towel or blanket.  I know it’s under there somewhere, I have vague memories of it.

7. Pay the bills.  Without being distracted by shiny things.  Yes.  All of them. *sigh*

8. Book a dentist appointment for my eldest.  Getting him to attend it may be a challenge worthy of an olympian heavyweight weightlifter yes.  However, booking it I can do.

9. Convince same teenager to attend his Centrelink appointment on Friday.  With me.  Perhaps he could show some enthusiasm along the way… although I’m not sure he even knows what it is.  Regardless, he has to be there.  If he can manage it, socially acceptable would be a bonus.

10. Remember to take my six year old to his speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions straight after school… on two separate days… just need to make sure I don’t mix them up.  Of course I would never do that… honest!

*If I forget this list, someone please give me a swift but loving shove to remind me.  I may need encouragement… *


~ by C J on November 1, 2011.

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  1. You forgot to include “delegate tasks as required”… 😉

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