Say what?

My ex and I have an interesting relationship.  The children travel between us each week (yes, on the plus side, he takes them weekly!), the last 12 months or so has been without speaking to each other in person though.  Not because we always argue… or such, just that it’s easier for both of us this way.

We email or text if important… but a go between has also helped our relationship since our official separation just over four years ago.  It may seem inconvenient but I call it a more effective method of communication.

No animosity, no harsh words.  I give him credit as a father who loves his children and does what he believes is best for them.  As do I as their mother.  If we agree all is good. 

The children have asked why I don’t “talk” to him directly and I’ve explained that we don’t always agree on stuff and this gives us a chance to think over what we need to say before we say it.  Simplistic perhaps but enough.  I’ve always been big on having a united and calm front for the children.

This night, their father called to sort some details for the week and decided to speak to the children in turn.  He started with our four year old… who has mastered the speakerphone (and thus insists on using it at each and every opportunity) much to our chagrin.

After much to-ing and fro-ing in the conversation (as it does with a four year old), our precious son suddenly realised he was using my mobile phone and announced to his father as such.  Funnily enough, his dad has been ringing that same number for over ten years now – I’m thinking he realises it’s mine… if not, I should be worried.

However, during the conversation he was struggling to hear clearly due to other background noise from other children…

“What was that mate?”  *cue noisy, eating and  sniffling with added conversation from noisy teenagers to complete*

“This is Mum’s phone!”  *more sniffles and crunching*

“Sorry mate?”

“You remember… Mum, who you used to fight with?” 

Coz of course that’s all he’ll remember me for… right???



~ by C J on November 16, 2011.

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