That’s not playing the game!!


“You didn’t DO anything again!!! You need to turn RIGHT as well as left!!!”

“Okay, start again!!!”


The lounge room was the scene of much animation this morning.  The Wii was on and the two boys were playing resort games.  Much jumping, yelling, cheering, laughing and loud instructions.

“No, not that button, that one – HOLD it!”

“That one?”



“Don’t let go of the button Dude… Again?? No the Z button… it shoots!”

A giggle.

I’m sure the neighbours won’t mind.  After all, it’s not often the 16 year old emerges this early in the day from his dark, damp dungeon of a bedroom, let alone spends time PLAYING and being social.  The real surprise was that it was his baby brother he was interacting with voluntarily!

“How do you DO that?  You’re not even cutting it right!!!”

Much panting, puffing and squealing follows from the younger boy.

“Nooooooo Awwwwww!!!  Sushi!!!” I spin around at the older lad’s raised voice.

“I WIN!!! YES!!!” the littlest man was grinning and bouncing.

“How did YOU win?  You aren’t even playing it right!!”


“You can’t win again… it’s not your turn!!!” the teenager argued.

“Yes, I can!!!”  more panting and puffing from the four year old.

I looked over at the younger boy and asked what he was playing.

“Easy mum!  We’re playing whacking and zinging!!!”

“Careful!  CAREFUL!!”  His older brother countered with.

“Mum, it’s okay.  It’s just fencing, sushi slicing and archery,”

Of course… that’s just what you play with your little brother… right???


~ by C J on November 22, 2011.

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